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Oct 18, 2015, Sunday
Ronda to Tarifa    Spain Spain-Portugal Tarifa
Oct 18, 2015, Sunday
Oct 19, 2015, Monday
Oct 19, 2015, Monday
Oct 20, 2015, Tuesday
Tarifa again    Spain Spain-Portugal Tarifa
Oct 20, 2015, Tuesday
Oct 21, 2015, Wednesday
Adios Tarifa    Spain Spain-Portugal Tarifa
Oct 21, 2015, Wednesday

Ronda to Tarifa

October 18, 2015   Sunday
Spain   Spain-Portugal   Tarifa

Today we left Ronda for Tarifa where we'll take a ferry to Tangier. We walked to the train station for the 9:25 to Algeciris. Fortunately the rain had stopped. The train was a local so it makes a number of short stops before its final stop in Algeciras. Once in Algeciris, we cross the street to the bus station to catch the bus to Tarifa.

The bus from Algeciris to Tarifa traveled over windswept hills with expansive views of the Mediterranean and, further out, to Africa. Africa looked close, like Port Angeles from Otter Point. Arriving in Tarifa the bus stopped several blocks from where I expected but the town is so small it really doesn't matter, at least if you are being dropped off. Of course it does matter if you want to catch a bus. One of many times the CityMaps2Go app was helpful.

Tarifa brings to mind Santa Cruz and Valparaiso: tacky buildings mixed in with nice ones, surf shops, lots of kids. But Tarifa also has a well preserved old town with windy narrow streets and buildings in Andalusia white. Tarifa's beach is long and wide and beautiful, kilometers of sand. The winds and waves make it popular with surfers.

Our hotel, Casa Blanco, is one of those that photographs well but in person it's worn and neglected. No good place to sit, check. Loose toilet seat, check. Worn paint, check. And then there was the odd design choice of putting the rain-head shower in the middle of the bathroom. Maybe it sounded cool but it wets everything when you use it. Not sure it's advisable to get design ideas from the RV industry.

But, and it's a big but, the hotel is conveniently located in the old city, next to a cafe lined square and just blocks from the port. And the proprietor is helpful and all to happy to share his opinion though more laid back than I'm accustomed to.

We checked in, changed to shorts as the weather was warm and a little muggy, then walked to the ferry terminal to ask about tickets. Turns out there are two ferries and they run every other hour. About 36 each way for a 35 min ride. We then walked down to the Isla de las Palomas via Calle Alcalde Juan to watch the surfers. The actual tip, the southernnost point in mainland Europe, is closed to the public. Then we returned to town for an afternoon snack of quiche and cappuccino. It started to rain hard so we finished our food then headed back to the hotel.

For dinner we walked to a Mexican restaurant but as there was only one staff member and he looked terribly over worked we left and ended up eating Italian, pizza and pasta.

Train station, Ronda      
Map of Tarifa      
Puerta de Jerez, entrance to old city centre      
Nuestra Señora de la Luz      
Tarifa - Tangier ferry      
Tarifa - Tangier ferry      
Kilometers of beaches and strong winds

Reminded of my good fortune

October 19, 2015   Monday
Spain   Tangier   Spain-Portugal   Tarifa

We started the day by walking the block to the city wall then through a doorway called Puerta de Jerez. In the next block was Cafe Azul where we had good crepes. Today's election was on our minds. Also the ferry ride to Morocco.

It was raining hard when we walked back to our hotel, Casa Blanco, where we checked out.

Well, we didn't completely check out, we left a couple of bags with the hotel. We were only spending a night in Tangier. Not much, no, and probably like judging Mexico from an overnight in Tijuana but at least I'll add Africa and Morocco to my list of visited places.

We caught the 11 am ferry to Tangier. No problem getting on, it's not high season. The ferry is as nice as a BC ferry but zippier looking. It's a catamaran and they look like they are going fast even when they aren't.

The ferry was about half way across the Mediterranean when it slowed then stopped. We'd encountered a very small boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. The ferry passengers crowded around windows and decks to observe the little boat that looked to be quite full with maybe nine people. The boat was barely visible among the waves. We waited almost an hour until a red Salvamento Maritimo boat arrived to provide assistance. This is a similar red boat to that i'd seen docked in Tarifa.

It was somber almost emotional seeing this tiny boat full of people trying to get to a better place.

And while I was standing there on the deck, thinking about what I was seeing, I thought however the election goes we know everyone in Canada will abide by the results, they'll all work together, and that this stability is something most people on this planet can't take for granted.

After checking into the elegant La Tangerina we explored the neighborhood, known as the Kasbah, as well as the nearby Medina and the square called the Petit Socco. Dinner was lamb tagine at Le Nabab.

Tangier on the map      
Salvamento Maritimo, Tarifa      
Isla de las Palomas, Tarifa      
Ferry approaching Tarifa      
Airbus A380 on board      
Freighter in Mediterranean      
Refugees, Tarifa-Tangier ferry      
Refugees, seen from Tarifa-Tangier ferry. Spain is in the background.
Refugees and Salvamento Maritimo boat, from Tarifa-Tangier ferry      
Refugees and rescue boat, seen from Tarifa-Tangier ferry

Tarifa again

October 20, 2015   Tuesday
Spain   Spain-Portugal   Tarifa

Back in Tarifa we find our bags already in our room at Casa Blanco. We got a larger more comfortable room but it had the same dumb shower. We snacked at El Gecko (4 hamburgers) and returned later in the day for dinner. Returning is ok if done judiciously. In between we walked the beach and picked up medicine for a cough I'd developed. I found Tarifa charming but I am also aware some don't.

The beach with Isla de las Palomas (background left)      
Casa Blanco

Adios Tarifa

October 21, 2015   Wednesday
Spain   Spain-Portugal   Tarifa

Yesterday's rain left, the weather was blue sky perfect. I was sorry to say goodbye to Tarifa. Morning coffee at a cafe, walk to the beach, then breakfast at, yes, El Gecko, cappuccino and scrambled eggs and bacon. Pack, settle account, then walk to the bus station for 12:30 bus to Seville. I think it was 40 for two.

The bus was largely empty, nice for us if not so nice for the bus company. I listened to an audio book as we headed north. The countryside was hilly and green and windmill covered near water then flat and dry inland. I saw a number of white towns on hilltops, the signature of Andalusia.

Casa Blanco (missing the B)      
Tarifa's long beach      
The usually full El Gecko early in the morning      
The road to Seville from Tarifa