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Fri Sep 2, 2016   Panorama, Lightroom, XF16
Accidental Panorama
Wed Jan 11, 2017   Greece, Postprocessing, Panorama, Hydra
Stitching a panorama with ICE
Tue May 8, 2018   Panorama


Friday September 2, 2016    Panorama, Lightroom, XF16

September has brought rain and overnight the moss went from brown to green. So I thought I'd photograph the house on the mossy rock using Lightroom's merge-to-panorama function. Since I lack a drone camera a from-below perspective will have to do.

For this image I used Lightroom 6.6 to stitch together eight Fuji Velvia jpgs, in two rows of four. Lightroom cleverly orders and aligns the shots with ease. Of course the more shots and the larger the files the longer it takes and the more memory Lightroom needs. Don't over do it: I drove Lightroom to cause a BSOD when it exhausted memory while trying to combine five D800e files.

I'm listening to Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin.

Old Mossy  

Accidental Panorama

Wednesday January 11, 2017    Greece, Postprocessing, Panorama, Hydra

I didn't take a wide* lens to Greece last fall so I didn't get any of those mind-bending panoramas that a wide angle, a fish eye especially, can get you. Oh well. That I miss those shots so much tells me I may have to get another lens, like the Rokinon 8mm, or maybe a converter for the Nikon 10.5. It seems my shopping list is never empty.

On the other hand, I'm not really looking to add to my carry on. The iPhone's panorama function works in a pinch. Or, just overlap a set of shots by about a quarter frame then merge them later. The cost of these hand-made panoramas is in immediacy, the time spent processing, and a potentially ungainly file size, but it doesn't add to your bag.

Speaking of panoramas, here is an example of how not to shoot a panorama: the shots aren't lined up. It's not right, but I like it anyway.

*I'm gonna define wide as 10 to 12 on DX, 15 to 20 on FX.

Hydra, Greece  
A non-rectangular image like this has its limits - you're not gonna print it, some are gonna hate it. Whatever. Oh yeah, the full-screen link is hidden, its behind the camera icon.

Stitching a panorama with ICE

Tuesday May 8, 2018    Panorama

I recently had five photos I needed to stitch, something I've done countless times, but Lightroom for some reason wouldn't stitch 'em. It'll do the right-most two, but no more. That's annoying.

But just in time I ran into Microsoft's free Image Composite Editor which effortlessly stitched all five. Plus, it offers additional stitching options and a more flexible workflow. I like this product.

A five-shot stitch