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Sentiero degli Dei (the path of the gods)   
8 Nov 2014, Saturday 8 November 2014, Saturday     Amalfi, Italy    

The weather today was perfect for hiking so after an early breakfast we headed out to walk the Sentiero degli dei or path of the gods. The famous path hugs the cliffs along the Amalfi coast and is said to offer spectacular views of the rocky cliffs and the towns seemingly tumbling down the hillsides to the sea.

The 6km path starts near Bomerano and ends just short of Positano. Problem is, to get to Bomerano you need to pass through Amalfi (the town, not the coast) but the road to Amalfi was closed due to a landslide. So we took the bus to Praiano to hike to the trailhead. This allowed us to skip Bomerano but it added two kilometers of hiking, all a steep climb.

The Amalfi coast bus ride reminded me of a roller coaster: a full-sized bus speeding along a narrow hairpin-curvy mountain road, dodging parked cars, mopeds, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Add to this the fact that much of the road is hanging off a cliff high over the Mediterranean. It's spectacular, the views are picture-postcard stunning, but the ride is scary. I keep telling myself the bus driver does this every day so don't worry. By the time we get off the bus I felt like I needed a strong drink.

Once in Praiano we searched for the trailhead. We walked up steep narrow streets. The local bus, smaller than the one we rode in on, is said to require 8-point turns along its route. The streets get smaller and smaller until they are merely passageways and stairs. Soon we are walking up one long staircase, with awkwardly high steps. We are on the stairs almost two hours and so we took several breaks on the way up. Finally we reached the trailhead at about 600m elevation.

The path itself, the Sentiero degli dei, is an easy hike. Reasonably well marked with both text signs and the red/white paint stripes we are familiar with having hiked so many times in the Alps. The views are stunning: the blue sea, the rocky cliffs, the flowers and trees, and the cities of Praiano, Nocella, and Montepertuso. It is a treat for the eyes. Along the way we talked to fellow hikers and befriended a few dogs. One dog puts on a show by herding a small group of bell-ringing goats.

The trail ended in the small town of Montepertuso at which point we are back on stairs heading down.

In Positano it's a short wait for the bus that will take us back to Sorrento. We are really looking forward to sitting down. The bus pulled up. It was full. I'd read that the Amalfi coast busses are typically full but since it's off season and the road is closed before Amalfi we're surprised. Paul and I and several others stand the whole way back to Sorrento. We also soon find that the bus driver goes just as fast when full as not, and we spend the hour ride hanging on for dear life.

It's been a perfect day, thrills, chills, and lots of pretty scenery.

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Sentiero degli Dei map    8 Nov  8 Nov