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Aug 22, 2018, Wednesday
Aug 22, 2018, Wednesday

The Malatrá Valley

August 22, 2018   Wednesday
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Rifugio Bonatti and Malatrá valley      
A two-photo panorama assembled fourteen years after the original two photos were taken.

After many days of smoke-filled skies I figured it's time to see a clear sky, even if it's only a photo of a clear sky and it's on the other side of the world.

This is the Malatrá Valley, in Italy. In the upper left corner, the speck on the green hillside, is Rifugio Bonatti where we hiked in and spent a comfortable night. The eye watering view from Bonatti is of the Mount Blanc massif, on the right. The massif is not only beautiful to look at but you can go under it, by car, or over it, by cable. I highly recommend the latter. Both take you to the other side of the massif where you'll find charming Chamonix, in France.

I shot this from the Col de Ferret, on the trail that would take us to our next stop, Ferret, in Switzerland. It was my first trip with a digital camera.

While I captured the photo in 2004, today, in 2018, was the first I'd seen it, and that is because it's made of two photos and only today did I happen to see them back to back and notice their panorama potential. Wow, what a difference they make glued together.