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Oct 10, 2015, Saturday
Toledo    Spain Spain-Portugal Toledo
Oct 10, 2015, Saturday


October 10, 2015   Saturday
Spain   Spain-Portugal   Toledo

Toledo is a Spanish hill town with a long history which of course is not exactly a unique offering in this part of the world. It is beautifully preserved. Being a 30-minute train ride from Atocha Toledo is very popular with day trippers. Rick Steves says stay overnight, and perhaps he is right.

That said, we were glad when the time came to catch the 20:20 back to Madrid. The crowds of selfie-snapping tourists made us feel claustrophobic. I'm not sure there is anything, well maybe the El Grecos, that you can't get in another Spanish city. All that Toledo offers is more tourists per square meter.

Dinner was tacos and pisco sours at the wonderful El Estribito Chil-mex in Madrid, not Toledo.

Toledo was crowded      
Toledo cathedral